jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

American Boy

Para ir haciendo boca hasta que llegue la gira, he pensado que podemos ir poniendo videos hasta formar nuestro propio concierto de Chris.

He escogido el setlist de un concierto en Las Vegas del 27 de Julio de 2009

American Boy
Mr. Lonely Man
Let Me Down Easy
Somebody's Crying
Return to Me
Beautiful Homes
Summer Holiday
We Let Her Down
Speak of the Devil
Wicked Game
Best I Ever Had
I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick cover)
Don't Make Me Dream About You
We Lost Our Way
Very Pretty Girl
Nyquil Blues (?) (sung by Kenny Dale Johnson)
Only the Lonely (Roy Orbison cover)
I'll Go Crazy (James Brown cover
You Don't Cry Like I Do
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

Blue Hotel
San Francisco Days
Big Wide Wonderful World

Empezamos con AMERICAN BOY

 American Boy (letra)
I'm the original American boy
Love you baby, with all my heart
Ten times better than those movie stars
What you see, is what you are
I'm no James Dean baby,
But you know I care
If you ever need me, I'll be there, always there

Don't you know I love you more each day
Don't you know I will always feel this way
You can count on me I'm here to stay

I'll go crazy if I stay inside
Come on baby, take a ride
Take you places that we've never been
Don't be shy, hop on in
I ain't no Hollywood baby
You can't find a friend, they all say they love you
But just pretend, mine never ends

I'm the original American boy
Can't you see, you're made for me
Tell me baby that you want me too, I'd do anything for you
I get a crazy feeling, when I look at you
Don't ask me if I want you, you know I do
Only you
I'm the original American boy, yeah I'm the original American boy

American Boy aparece en el album Always got tonight, del año 2002. El primer disco que hacía sin su productor de toda la vida Erik Jacobsen.

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Lento Rodriguez dijo...

bueno, bueno, pues a ponerse las pilas con las letras se ha dicho! Una buena excusa para dar caña al "inglis".

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