jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

Oslo, 2 junio 2010

Ayer Chris Isaak actuó en el Rockefeller Music Hall de Oslo, Noruega.

Sound Check
Cheater´s Town (You Tube)

Set List:

1. Lonely With A Broken Heart
2. Dancin' (You Tube)
3. Two Hearts
4. Somebody's Crying
5. Love Me Tender(Elvis Presley cover)
6. All I Wantis your love
7. Cheater's Town
8. Speak Of The Devil
9. Wicked Game
10. Go Walkin' In
11. Best I Ever Had
12. One Day
13. Big Wide Wonderful World
14. Worked Out Wrong
15. We Lost Our Way
16. Take My Hear
17. California Sun
18. Western Stars
19. I'll Go Crazy
20. You Don't Cry Like I Do
21. Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing

22. Blue Hotel (You Tube)
23. San Francisco Days
24. (Oh) Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison cover)
25. Blues Stay Away From Me
26. Blue Spanish Sky


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